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The Chef Yan Can team’s goal is to follow our leader Chef Martin Yan to bring you his recipes and his own style of food creation to your table. This Chinese restaurant will be one of the kind Chinese and Asian cuisine in the world. Chef Yan will have his hometown cooking food and his own style of cooking he learned from so many places he travelled during his 30 years career. Martin Yan enjoys distinction as a certified Master Chef, a highly respected food creator, a professional instructor and a prolific author. He shows his talents in 26 cookbooks, plus the award-winning Martin Yan’s Feast, Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites, Martin Yan’s Quick & Easy and Martin Yan’s Chinatown Cooking.

Internationally recognized as a Master Chef among his peers, Yan has been nominated for the 2004 James Beard Award and Best National TV Cooking Show Award. Chef Yan’s passion to learn more dishes expanded to include distinct styles of Asian cooking, with Chef Yan traveling to culinary hot spots to introduce viewers to local food and customs.

Chef Yan is one of the lead actors of the Hong Kong film Rice Rhapsody (海南雞飯, 2005). It is about the Hainanese chicken rice plate 海南雞飯. Hainanese chicken rice is a dish adapted from early Chinese immigrants originally from Hainan province in southern China. It is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore. However many Asian regions have their owned style or taste of this dish because of their local ingredients in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia. Chef Martin will have his best Hainanese chicken rice recipes available at Chef Yan Can.

Chef Yan has hosted many television series including Martin Yan's China (2008), Taste of Vietnam (2013), Taste of Malaysia (2015). Chef will be creating dishes from these regions and will put them in our menu in the near future. You will find many new dishes from time to time at Chef Yan Can Restaurant.

Our Chef Yan has captured the attention, admiration and hearts of millions of cooking fans by spicing his cooking artistry and teaching with a personal and local ingredient. Chef is dedicated to dispelling the mysteries of Chinese and Asian cooking, and furthering an understanding of the cultures that created these cuisines, with spirited fun and entertainment. Our mission is to see you leaving our restaurant with a smiling face, and that’s all our Chefs and our team wanted.

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